Sunday, April 15, 2007

hello, hello again, shaboom and hopin' we'll meet again

Note: this post title made more sense when I was using a less-than-fantastic blogsite and I ended this rant by asking the blog-o-verse to help me relocate to greener pastures . . . I was exhausted and nearly ready to give up on blogging entirely.

With lots of help from Mr. Lee, a great portion of the universe has been told that I am pregnant. Fair enough, he was the third person I told - he would have been expecting me to be ready to go to watch a roller derby bout, and I needed to be told by a test that _didn't_ come from the dollar store that the "two-stripe" news was for real.

* Take note: Dollar store pregnancy tests _do_ work just fine, but are less sensitive than more expensive tests. If you want to know if you're harboring a hitch-hiker ASAP, plan on spending more than a buck to find out.

First, I called up Mr. Hubby, who was out of town, spending time with his family - I felt bad that he wasn't there the moment I found out; I was expecting a negative response! I just wanted clearance for a Saturday night of beer and roller derby spectatorship!!
Second, I called up my parents, who are estatic. I would have preferred to tell them in person, but I was home alone and understandably rattled - as if I could wait!
a side note: I should also mention that my status daughter has changed a bit, to my perception, I am now she who carries our first grandchild, and am forbidden to curse because "Sweet Baby doesn't need to hear that!".

Third, I called up Mr. Lee and said "I'm running late getting ready to leave, please go buy me a pregnancy test that costs more that $10." He sounded like he was gonna wet himself laughing at me. He quickly arrived with at $13 test that looked like it could diffuse a nuclear bomb, strawberries, and a fruit smoothie.

I decided to stick with my plans to attend the roller derby bout so I would have something to think about other than my entire life changing. I planned on telling my derby friends _after_ the bout was over, since it is important to watch other teams play in order to learn what to do and more importantly, what NOT to do in a bout situation. Mr. Lee was sitting at the opposite end of some bleachers and my friend Tony questioned our atypical tardiness "Oh, she's pregnant" was his reply, followed by a chorus of "what!?" and "Huh?!?". As I told my fellow derby girls who didn't over hear that blip of news, their faces vaccilated between shock, glee, and horror. "You can't skate!" was the most common response, followed by "ohmygawd, I completely slammed into you last week, I'm so sorry!"

So within a few hours, my family, my husband's family, and my derby friends knew - and I was desperate to stop the news from getting any further because I was convinced I'd jinx my hopeful future baby.

My logic? We'd been "not not trying" to concieve for quite a while and nothing was happening, so I was overjoyed to focus on being a derby girl instead, and gave little to no thought to conception. My ovaries were ingoring me, I could ignore them right back! As soon as I really got my skates under me, was well on my way to fufilling all WFTDA bouting requirements, and had all the equipment I needed . . . ta daa! Time to hang up the skates. In my mind, a logical extension was "as soon as everyone knows, I'll lose the poor kid and have to tell everyone about that".

I'm no longer afraid of miscarrying, although I know it is a very real possibility, first time through and all. Now I'm far too busy concentrating on trying to stay awake and keeping up my yakk-free streak. My new mantra is "13 weeks . . . . midwife says I'll feel better at 13 weeks . . . ." I hope the next four weeks fly by quickly, if it weren't for that pesky full-time job of mine I'd just attempt to sleep through the next month.

I broke the "official" news at my parent's church on Easter Sunday, I was walking around looking like death w/ inflated boobs anyway - I doubt I could have fooled anyone. In fact, I was called out by my kindergarten teacher; I abruptly sat down in the middle of the world's longest prayer, and hit my head on her hymnal behind me. Mr. Hubby and my mom both looked like they were going to leap out of their skin until I indicated that I was just tired, not fainting. After the service, I turned around and said "so . . . I've got some interesting news" and she just laughed at me "Oh, you're pregnant!"

I intended to send out a swarm of emails on Sunday night and on Monday, but instead spent all that time sleeping, sans quick trips to the kitchen and the bathroom. Ever slept for 15 hours in less than a day? It's wieeeeeeerd, and leaves you wanting only more sleep.

Short version: I hope I don't deliver early so I can be a pumpkin for Halloween. Kiddo will be here before Thanksgiving and I really hope I'm up for turkey, cranberries, and stuffing by then!

COMMENTS (harvested from old account)
Autumn - 2007-04-13 16:45:01 Congratulations!!!
Alie - 2007-04-13 21:53:43 Glad your blogging again! I was tired of checking your page and seeing that disguesting elvis tatoo. I of corse am estatically happy for you!!! Seeing as I will be and AUNT! That's right blogging nation! I'm outing myself as betti's sister. And can I just say what a kick-ass-fabulous-wonderful-wierd-outragesouly wonderful sister she is!
Alie - 2007-04-13 21:55:13 Did I mention that she's wonderful? oh yeah and "super kewl" (insert Cartman voice)
Madame D - 2007-04-13 22:17:01 Whooo! Of course, you know, this means that I'll have to make you a mountain of baby things. Because I have the time, the yarn, and nothing better to do. Congrats, and don't feel too bad about Mr.Lee telling everyone. I still hold a grudge against my ex for telling everyone who went through his line at work, which meant I only got to tell three people. Who were out of state. Whose numbers he didn't know.
Mari - 2007-04-14 14:05:38 You'll have to buy a domain name, and then you can link something like blogger to the domain name- host the blog there basically.
alfredsmom - 2007-04-15 11:06:05 CONGRATULATIONS!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!!! AHHHH!!!! Wow! I suppose that explains the blogging hiatus. Of course, now you'll be expected to post even more and OF COURSE post belly pictures. PErsonally, I really like Typepad.Check it out.
Denise - 2007-04-15 19:04:34 i agree with alfredsmom about typepad -- now, i don't know anything about this shit, but a buncha people i know who DO know something about this shit think typepad's pretty cool. and hey, it's what cuteoverload uses. c'mon! ....oh, and yeah....congratulations!!! thanks for the play-by-play of notification...i LOVE that shit. have a great time with it, and know i send my blessings along!
nikki - 2007-04-16 10:47:34 Yeah! I've already congratulated you, but I will do it again! Congrats! I hope the early pregnancy ickies go away soon.
Catazon - 2007-04-16 15:30:37 Congrats, and thanks for the great story about your first few weeks of pregnancy! One of my teammates is due any day now, and she can't wait to skate with us again. I use Wordpress for my blog and host it with a guy that does websites for librarians,, but you can get a Wordpress blog at without paying the $10/month hosting fees.
Denise - 2007-04-20 13:43:42i *just* got your title! life is but a dream, sweetheart!

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