Wednesday, May 30, 2007

in case you were wondering . . .

If you eat low-sugar apple oatmeal with plenty of milk and follow that up with a big glass of water and follow that up with a "oh Mr. Hubby, I'm so glad you take good care of me" teary fit on the couch which prompts a snotty coughing fit, which in turn, prompts gagging, you too can make a moderately gross discovery:

Apple oatmeal, bile and water kinda taste like alcoholic cider!

And that's the happy part.

I also discovered that said oatmeal concotion jammed into one's sinuses is quite difficult to remove.

Years and years from now, I'll have a sinus infection requiring an exam by a prominent ear, nose & throat specialist who will write a groundbreaking medical paper involving discovering a chunk of rehydrated apple deep in my nasal cavity. Or perhaps said apple chunk will be as useful as penicillin, and I'll startle the medical world by never enduring another head cold in my entire life.

Having left you with that gem o' information, I'm off to bed.


reevesfarm said...

Funny, God I am glad mine are all hatched.....

Good Luck, I look forward to keeping up with your blog!

nikki said...

I have actually snorted oatmeal before. Think of it as your sinuses will be "regular" now.