Friday, May 25, 2007

Testing . . . Testing . . .

I've begun the process of gettingthehellaway from; the consant "see ___ naked", "buy cheap precriptions", "buy knockoff purses!" spam to my comments section was driving me absolutely batshit crazy. I'm a big fan of bats and the compost-enriching elements of guano, but really . . . at 15 weeks pregnant, any annoyances I can easily squish away will be squished away, and without regret.

To all of you who were kind/bored/insane enough to care about my old blog and take the time to leave me comments, THANK YOU from the depths of my over-inflated ego. In fact, I'm dragging all my old comments over here, 'cause I'm vain like that.

In other news:
I hope to have this place spiffied up soon, please excuse the "choose a template"-ness of it all.



AM said...

I FOUND YOU !!! I FOUND YOU! I am SO smart. :)

Nicole said...

Dude, no annon comments? *sigh* All comments from Nicole will be from me (Nikki). Can't wait to see how you decorate the place.

Catazon said...

Thank you for moving the comments over since the comments I left previously are now linking back to my website; therefore, I found you without even looking. Yay!