Wednesday, July 18, 2007

. . . and some coffee for my pregnant homies . . .

If you're able and inclined, drink some coffee on my behalf; _fresh coffee_, no fake creamer (eeeew, I swear that stuff is made of plastic), with a couple heaping spoonfuls of hot cocoa mix, and a little bit of vanilla soy milk -or- regular milk if you're feelin' drastic. Drink LOTS of this coffee for me - hell, go to Starbucks and see if they'll sell you a gallon at a time.

I'm still holding tightly to my "no caffeinated beverages while pregnant" rule, for reasons even I don't understand . . . wait, perhaps it's because my baby already kicks like a squirrel trapped in a sock? I don't want to accidentally trigger seismic activity in the Midwest? I'm already a bundle of nerves? I might fall off the wagon big-time and find myself throwing back multiple shots of espresso?

(That said - I'm still enjoying the occasional tiny serving of chocolate, blissful, sanity-granting chocolate . . .)

Why the fiending for caffeine?
My to-do list rivals the King James Bible in both length and complexity.

I may go into more ranting detail at a later date, but I'll try to summarize: I'm fighting multiple fronts:
WORK - multiple deadlines, far too many irons in the fire, not enough energy (still!) to put in full 40-hour weeks.
HOME - I need Mary Poppins, Martha Stewart, and a carpenter, STAT.
DERBY - "Volunteer Coordinator" is taking up waaaaaaaay more time and energy than I anticipated, but damn I love being involved with bout production.
FRIENDS - Some people need me more than before, some people are offering less support than before, and others are showing interest in becoming more involved, and I just don't have as much spare time as I'd like to invest in them.
FAMILY - Love 'em dearly, I'm getting tons of emotional support, I wish they were more physically present to do my evil bidding -I mean- help around the house.
BABY SHOWERS - I love parties, but don't like being the center of attention. That means I have to be on my best behavior, stay polite in the face of stupid comments, stupid circumstances, stupid people . . . blah blah.

In short (too late!) I need a couple days off just to putz around my house, sort stuff, pitch stuff, and re-set my brain. Unfortunately, those couple days just aren't available. Bleh.

IN OTHER NEWS: My blog-photo is no longer inaccurate; I've gone back to my old haircut! Until yesterday, I had enough hair to put in a twist, french braid, or ponytail, and my bangs were long enough to be tamed by a well-placed barette - it was low-maintenece and cost nothing to keep up, but I was starting to get ponytail-induced headaches nearly every day. I've found pregnancy to be heavily spiced with aches and pains I can't do a thing about - so I consider a drastic haircut to be a minor sacrifice.

Less bitching and moaning in my next post folks, thanks for enduring!


Madame D said...

How short is your hair? I need to get mine trimmed badly. I have not the skill to trim layered hair properly, and I want a professional to do my Betti Bangs. (I suck at them, and there's this one cowlick that is my bang nemesis.)
I too hate being the center of attention. I had the shower AFTER the baby was born, and then HE got to be the center!

AM said...

Im glad you are doing well. When pregnant bloggers don't blog for a while, I get nervous. I think your haircut in that picture is super cool and cute.

Catazon said...

Oooh, hated the showers, too...not a problem with being the center of attention, but being the center of attention and having to behave when I felt like a beached whale...scary.

nikki said...

I just hacked all my hair off too! It's too dang hot long. Can we get pictures of cute baby gifts?

For the Love... said...

Oooof! My SIL had such a hard time cutting out the caffeine that she has never gone back to it.

I feel your pain on the baby shower thing--opening presents in front of a group of people is absolute hell....

Alie said...

Blechy-blechy-blechy! Hope that things get bettetr soon! Just think of the booty involved in the shower and maybe that will help. If it starts getting really bad you can always pull the "pregnant card" and just HAVE to get back to the hotel to chill out. Very happy that you got your hair done! Way to go! You totally deserved that little pampering and primping. Also, way to go on the no caffine! I am VERY impressed! Hang in there!

nikki said...

Just wanted to let you know that I've moved to Typepad! You've been quiet. Is everything okay?