Monday, July 2, 2007

too ticked off to think of a witty title

I recently ranted about my computer crashing and shipping my harddrive to data-recovery specialists in California; I was willing to come up with up to $2000.00 (pulled out of my ass, I suppose) to pay them to GET MY DATA BACK.

my data =
- unreplaceable photos of my adorable nephews
- unreplaceable photos of happy times
- unreplaceable photos of pet antics, etc etc
- a FREAKING MASSIVE music collection, carefully sorted, rated, and categorized - I could hit "play" and not hear the same track twice for two weeks straight.
- tax records
- blah
- blah
- blah

The name of said doom is "Head Crash"
my harddrive was physically scraping data off of itself - this particular mechanical failure only occurs in about 10% of hard drive crashes, and always ends in the same prognosis: unrecoverable data.

The bright side is that this happened BEFORE the baby arrives.

I'm hanging on to that thought to stop myself from freaking the hell out.


Alie said...

Well, suck-a-luck-a-ding-dong!
Super bummer. I am going to back up all my digital photos onto disc after hearing about this!

cardiogirl said...

That TOTALLY bites it.

nikki said...

I'm thinking of some swear words saved for such occasions. One that JungleBaby better not learn for a very, very long time.