Wednesday, October 31, 2007

my first wimpy Halloween - 38 weeks pregnant

Normally, I'm a big fan of Halloween, but I'm not really feelin' it this year.

Too warm out? Too pregnant? Too tired? Who knows.

I dashed home over my lunch hour today to feed my critters and managed to carve a pumpkin without carving myself. I will offer this warning: ALWAYS WEAR SHOES WHILE CARVING A PUMPKIN. I accidentally dropped a very sharp knife on my foot, and was very happy to be wearing fuddy leather shoes.

I am going to hand out Halloween goodies (fancy pencils, stencils, and stickers - childhood obesity is becoming an epidemic, people!) but may lame out on the costume front. I look like a fashion-sense-less geriatric today in my black humpty-dumpty pants (that are are tight at the ankles and are oh-so-slightly too short), shapeless size XL orange t-shirt and black cardigan - did I mention fuddy black leather shoes? Making things more fashion-tragic, I desperately need a haircut, need to tend to my eyebrows, and I put on navy blue socks instead of black this morning. I should be happy that my hairy legs are covered up, but instead I feel like a bloated, cranky eyesore.

Let's move on to happier days, shall we?

As a child, when I returned home from trick-or-treating, my sister and I had to turn our candy in to the family stash if we wanted to collect our "Great Pumpkin" presents. The Great Pumpkin visits while you are out treating, and puts a small-but-cool present on your pillow - like a big box of crayons, lip gloss, a new hairbrush/comb set, a sticker book etc. Mysteriously, the Great Pumpkin present was ALWAYS wrapped in white tissue paper and orange yarn, and had handwriting -just- like Mom's.

Pretty sweet deal once you figure out there was no way in hell Mom was going to let you keep your candy anyway! She had a knack for doling out the candy generously enough that you never felt short-changed, and yet there were many Christmas where Halloween-harvested candy found it's way into the celebrations.

Anywho, Happy Halloween all!


cardiogirl said...

Gotta say, you made me gasp when I read you dropped a sharp knife. And then I realized, thankfully, you DID have shoes on.

(wipes sweat off forehead)

Do you feel any contractions yet? Ugh, I would not want my birthday to be on Halloween. The hellion child next door was born on Halloween. He's five today. The little punk.

Not that your child would be a hellion, you know, if you went into labor today. Your kid would be cool.

Not like the little punk next.

Have a good Halloween!

AM said...

Happy Halloween Betti!

nikki said...

I made Aaron go trick or treating last night so I could get his candy. In my defense our neighborhood gives out really good candy!

Catazon said...

This is a great post! Reminded me of when I had to get seven stitches in my toe when I was five months pregnant and nobody would give me a tetanus shot (yay!). Glad you didn't have to go through that.

theEvilAngel said...

... explains why our mothers (and all mothers I suppose) just give up on fashion and etc all together ;);) I think children will do that to you ;)