Thursday, December 13, 2007

3 weeks old, and Mommy is getting more sleep!

Adeline had a very good sense of humor about me attempting to take a professional-ish Christmas photo to include in this year's batch of cards, in fact, I got bored and cranky before she did!

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In other news, we've stumbled into a mostly reasonable nighttime/sleeping arrangement; she spends one or two 1-2 hour stretches in her bassinet, 1-2 hours nursing on the couch watching Netflicks (we're working through the original StarTrek series - fantastic bleary eyed/minded viewing) and the rest of the night cuddled up against me for easy boobie access. Mr Hubby is not particularly comfortable sharing the bed with our 7 pound daughter, so he usually retreats to the guest room, taking the dog with him. Bwaaa haaa haaa more room for me and the cats!!

warning: strange tangent ahead . . .

I have no problem with sleeping with such a tiny person; once upon a time (in college) I had fantastic tame pet rat who I often let sleep with me when my drafty rental house got chilly. (She spent at least 50% of her life out of her tank, and was nice enough to do 90% of her doodies in her tank - yeah, I put up with random rat shit . . . . ewww) She preferred to sleep on my pillow nestled against my neck, but would go under the covers if it was insanely cold. She met an untimely end (via dog attack) and I decided that my rat training/tending days were over, although Ramona was a lovely creature to spend time with. Keeping an intelligent rat happy is similar to caring for a puppy, and given the relatively short lifespan of a rat, it is difficult at best to say goodbye to such a committed companion.

Anywho . . . I've got a knack for being spatially aware in my sleep, and never rolled onto my pet rat, or any of my cats even when they were tiny heat-seeking kittens. I am confident that my daughter is safe in bed with me, especially since she can't begin to scoot past a baracade of pillows at this point in her development.
Any advice on getting through nights with an infant??


nikki said...

No advice here. Aaron had reflux so bad, he slept in his car seat for about 2 months so he could stay elevated.

I love the little red dress and the piggy toes.


rudecactus said...

Good luck. And though it may be difficult, enjoy sleeping with her. There will be a time she'll be in her own bed and you'll miss it.

AM said...

Love the picture and the endearing rat story. Seriously.

We never did the co-sleeping thing really. Sometimes Emma wouldnt fall alseep until SERIOUSLY 8am and we would nap in bed together until noon. I just had me on one side and a pillow on the other. I never really worried about smooshing her.

Catazon said...

Shoot...I need advice on sleeping with a 4-year-old that can't keep still and hates to be covered up. ;) Wouldn't trade it for the world though...

Nikki/MDB said...

When Reade was tiny, I had three body pillows from when I was pregnant, and he slept on top of one in between us for several months. This way, I could sort of sleepily prop up the middle of the night bottle, and since he wasn't rolling yet, he stayed where I put him, with my arm around him. Didn't have to worry about rolling over on him at all.
Besides, I wake up before I roll over. Every single time. Man, that gets annoying.

cardiogirl said...

Ugh, the co-sleeping thing is such a hot potato, as you know.

Don't tell anyone and I'll tell you a secret. I slept with all three of my kids each time. I nursed all night long and it was the only way I could get some more sleep and nurse them.

My personal feeling is that while nursing and having a baby right next to you, your mind never fully relaxes enough for you to fall into a deep sleep. So you are aware of the baby as you doze and you won't roll over her.

At least that was my experience. The first time out I made the mistake of telling everyone, I sleep in the same bed with my baby. You'd think I told them I routinely throw her on a stretching rack to discipline her.

Aghast. Shame. Yelling. It sucked.

The second and third time I didn't say boo to anyone and they were all happy as a clam.

Do what's right for you. You'll be fine. And if you don't feel like hearing it, tell everyone else what they want to hear. Yes, the baby sleeps for three hour stretches. Alone. In her crib.