Saturday, February 17, 2007

a very strange experience

Yesterday, my sister and I discovered that we are really starting to look alike. Perhaps since there is a 25 month difference in our ages, until now, we've NEVER looked alike at the same time. Our baby pictures are similar, but even a stranger could tell you which (squinty eyed, gummy grinned) baby would turn out to be me.

We've always sounded very similar, much to our entertainment - when we were in highschool we'd mess with guy friends by switching the phone back and forth between the two of us mid conversation and see how long it took the guy to notice the difference. 95% of the time it was giggling or not knowing the appropriate response to a question that gave us away, rather than our subtle differences in voice quality or lexicon. (Weeeeellll, my vocabulary may be a *little* bigger, but she's never struck with temporary stuttering or lisping like I occasionally am).

She's finally on her way from button/pug nose to pointy nose. I lost my button nose when I was 6, she was a thumb-sucker and smoshed her nose down constantly, perhaps altering the way her (childhood) nose looked?

I'd swear that her chin is starting to stick out like mine. Or perhaps she's getting buffer, loosing a little weight and that weight is being subtracted from her neck, causing her chin to look bigger??
Compliment of compliments, she wants me to pluck her eyebrows so they look like mine. Neither one of us is particularly gifted in the eyebrow department - we have anti-uni-brows; very little eyebrows in the middle whatsoever and not much to speak of elsewhere either. (I think I'll be lazy and take her to the lovely indian lady who does tweezers my eyebrows with string).

Since I'm growing my hair out and have dyed it a slighty lighter color of reddish-brown (usually if I bother to dye, I go to black-brown) even our hair looks more similar.

To add to the wierd-factor, when she takes her contacts out, she wears glasses almost exactly like mine.

We sat at my kitchen table last night just staring at each other, creeping each other out - it was very much like looking in a mirrior. Finally we decided that we had better watch a movie so we could look at something other than each other's faces because it was starting to get spooky.
We put a movie on in the den/guest room and next thing I know it's morning, I'm laying in bed with my (sleeping) lookalike sis and my dog is happily wedged between us. Thankfully Mr. Hubby had turned the TV off and took care of locking up, etc - I have no recollection of him trying to move me to bed, but I've been told that I talk a mean "just let me sleep right here" in my sleep.

(useless aside: I used to live in a spooky house where I was always mean in my sleep. Move to a friendly house, and now I'm no longer mean in my sleep - weeeeeeeeiiiird).

COMMENTS (harvested from old account)
Madame D - 2007-02-17 12:33:34 Man, I won't ever have that, because my sister? We have different dads. And look nothing alike. Period. My son, however, does look a bit like me, so maybe I'll succeed there.
nikkki - 2007-02-19 12:01:12 i now have patty duke's theme song running through my head.
alfredsmom - 2007-02-19 22:41:40 I have an idea! Why dont you post a picture of the two of you so we can see the resemblance? ;)

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