Tuesday, June 26, 2007

20 weeks to go

junglebetti-trivia-buffs already know of my photo-posting-paranoia; I admire people who are comfortable with posting photos of themselves and their families on the internet, but I'm still convinced that the boogieman/stalk-o-monster will find me if I do so myself. Or maybe I'm just too damn vain for my own good.

In any case, I've come to a compromise that was inspired by how bad my hair has been looking lately, how kind my coworker was to take the time to coax data off of my digital camera then copy it for me, and the chaos involved in getting Mr. Hubby to snap these photos before dashing off to work.

With no further fanfare, I present you:

Sexy, no?


AM said...

Look at you! You tiny tiny little thing! SO cute!

Alie said...

Yaaaaaeeeeeeee! How cute!!! I just want to pat your belly and make oogie noises for my future niece/nephew! I demand a monthly update on the photo of da belly. Won't it be awesome when it's waaayyyy out there and people will make way for you? You'll be an AWESOME pumpkin at halloween!

Amanda said...

You are too cute! And too tiny! I'm jealous! :P

nikki said...

Chica, you are one hot soon-to-be-mama!

For the Love... said...

Cute Baby Bump! You will be glad to have those pictures one day. I only have 1 picture of me in profile while preg. I HAVE 3 CHILDREN! How did I let that happen?

Denise said...

wheee! and gheeeeeee!
thanks for braving the worldwide stalkerweb with bump photos. i never get to see you so....wheeee! you look GREAT!