Monday, June 25, 2007

~~ fuming ~~

Just a quick public rant:

I've kept up a positive attitude about my crawlspace needing major repairs, even to the point that I was still considering making some improvements to the inside of my house before the baby arrives. I'd figure out the ca$h end of the equasion somehow - I'm a smart, creative gal in control of my finances . . .

I've hit ANOTHER roadbump and am having a hard time staying even keeled about it, because it is, in part, my fault for tempting fate.

I've never backed up any data on my home computer.

My harddrive died.

I have thousands of photos (dating back to 2002) and two weeks worth of music on that computer. There is a POSSIBILITY that specialists can retrieve that data for me but it is going to CO$T me. IF I had purchased an external harddrive, this wouldn't be as big a deal - I'd still need a new computer, but wouldn't have the added you're-a-dumbass data-retrieval fee added to this disaster.

My excuse for not backing up my data?
My computer was less than a year old.



** UPDATE **

I had FIVE days left on my original coverage plan! At least the price of replacing the hard drive is covered - I'm still responsible for the data retrieval fee, but every little bit helps . . .


Alie said...

That completely blows!!
I can pimp you out with missing photos as much as possible. Can you register for I-Tunes gift cards for your baby showers? :)

Hope all is getting better!

cardiogirl said...

Man that sucks donkey.

Jenny said...

Pain in the ass. Usually they can retrieve it all. The trick is to find a good hacker and tell him that the pros said NO ONE could get in to retrieve the data. I guarantee they'll grab the shattered remains and pull out whatever you need.

For the Love... said...

Jenny is right...My husband would take it as a personal challenge. Glad the new hard drive was covered!

Madame D said...

Dude, at least you were covered! The one I was using was maybe 15 months? Same deal with my music and pictures. And I'm screwed. Sigh.