Monday, June 11, 2007

pink or blue . . . pink or blue?

I'm really not sure I want to know the sex of my unborn child. I've heard so many "they thought they were having a girl and then their baby boy was surrounded by pink for months" stories, that I have to wonder if it is worthwhile to try to find out. I also cringe when I hear people speak of unborn babies as if they know what their personality traits will be; "My feisty little guy . . ." "My stubborn little girl . . ." What the hell? Can in-utero kicks be translated like Morse code?

Also? I like magenta (duh), but I'm not a big fan of pink.
As a tiny tot, my *favorite* outfit was colorful sneakers, blue jeans and a red turtleneck. My favorite dress was grey with horizontal red stripes, and I threw my first prissy hissy fit in kindergarten when (during a birthday party) someone accidentally spilled my raspberry sorbet punch all over it: my dress is soggy and perhaps ruined, AND there is no extra punch to refill my cup?! I think I was given a cup of orange juice as a consolation prize. But I digress.

I'd like to avoid pink frilly presents. I've been told I should just state my preference to anyone who might buy presents for the baby, but I'm not sure that would be effective, and I'm not so bold (or wealthy) that I could reject presents for the baby.

On to "boy" stuff. It seems to me that tiny boys are doomed to look like little sportsnuts, little hunters, or little business men. Projecting a "manly man" image onto a non-verbal, diaper-bound, breast (or bottle) feeding individual is a very very strange concept indeed. What's next, little toupees and bibs that read "future Viagra user"?

So I've sorted all the baby clothes that have already been gifted to me: the "neutral" stuff is already in a dresser, and I have separate bags of "boy" and "girl" stuff.

I guess that means, at the moment, I'm choosing yellow and green.


Amanda said...

I honestly think you should find's very rare that they get the sex wrong on the Ultrasound. And you can do purple for a girl and green for a boy. Or even green for a girl, the pretty minty green ya know! But I'm with you on the frilly pink stuff. When I had my daughter, I begged my Mom to tell people "NO LACE!". It worked, I got very little frilly stuff with her. Having a boy is a lot easier when it comes to clothes believe it or not. I've been given a LOT of nice stuff for my "fiesty guy" JUST KIDDING! HEHE!

Alie said...

Tough call to know or not to know.... I am to much or an organized freak to not know. But on the other hand it would be a really really kewl surprise to have coming. hmmmmmmmmm.........surprise or organization?

nikki said...

If I ever have another kid, I would like to be surprised. As for clothing the kid, dude , scour your local thrift stores. Super cheap, and a lot of the stuff still have the original tags on them!

Denise said...

...or, you could go punk.

i saw a onesie the other day with the words: i may only have 3 teeth, but i'm a mean sonuvabitch!"

also, great ones like "daddy's lil punker" or "don't tell my mom but i'm already on birth control!"

goth babies are soooooooo cute! black, red plaid, safety pins...sweet!

Catazon said...

We knew we were having a girl, but we still stuck with neutral colors. Fat lot of good it did, because 4 years later, my daughter's favorite colors are purple and pink and she wants to paint her bathroom that way. Thank God I'm too busy with roller derby.

Madame D said...

I now want to make onesies that say "Future Viagra User".
It really doesn't matter, you can make awesome outfits out of anything for your kid, and let's face it, they don't care what they're wearing. Thank god.

Anonymous said...

take it from a "seasoned" mom, you really need to learn not to stress about the little stuff and RELAX! This time during your pregnancy is the last time you will be able to relax until you die. Your child will cause you stress forever! Don't get me wrong, you will have good times with the kid but overall noone can prepare you for what you are embarking on, so RELAX!!!!!!!!!!!!