Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Today I found out that my health insurance will not cover the cost of an ultrasound - and that an ultrasound costs more than $300.00.

Craaap - this whole "saving money for baby" gig is turning out to be tougher than I anticipated.

I'm going to discuss the *possibility* of not having an ultrasound with my medical professionals; I need more information before I can make a solid decision. I have friendly aquaintences with women who did not have ultrasounds while pregnant, and they didn't regret it - but I don't know what criteria they based their decision on.

I decided to cut all caffiene out of my diet when I found out I was pregnant because, although small amounts of caffiene don't *seem* to hurt the unborn, no doctor or nurse is going to tell me "Miss, you really MUST consume some caffiene!"

Since there are suggested limits to the number of ultrasounds you expose your unborn child to, does that imply that the are possibly damaging, or at minimum disturbing the unborn? Would a medical professional tell a pregnant woman who was not experiencing any suggestive symptoms that she MUST have an ultrasound?

Guess I'm going to find out on Thursday.

P.S. I was already "iffy" on non-necessary ultrasounds before finding out about the $$$ involved. I'm more interested giving my kid a healthy start, and I'm all too aware that the accepted norm is frequently not the healtiest option.


Madame D said...

Mine was covered, and I found out the sex, too. But not covered-eh, my mom had the rest of her kids after 35 and didn't get ultrasounds for a couple of them, so it all depends on you. For the most part, they want to make sure the baby is growing appropriately, and that there aren't going to be any big medical surprises when they're born.

nikki said...

I don't know about the no ultra-sound thing. During the ultra sound they will make sure all organs are all there and working correctly. If there was an issue with organs, then your doctor team will be able to plan the best care route when the bebe is born. Just my 2 cents, but you know what they say about opinions and assholes, so take my info with a grain of salt. (Plus, you can pay medical bills in payments if need be!)

Betti said...

alrighty gals, note taken. :)

Earlier today, it occured to me that I spent more than $300 on a (needed) new recliner a few months ago - I don't want to be consumed with "my ass is more important than my unborn child" guilt if something goes squirelley.

I'm going to get the ultrasound.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that your insurance doesn't cover an ultrasound!! That just doesn't sound right.

I know that the doctors WANT you to have an ultrasound for many reasons. They measure the baby's growth, and they look at it to make sure he/she is healthy and doesn't have any sort of problems like a whole in the heart or something. It's good b/c that way, when the baby is born, they know ahead of time and are prepared for any complications.

Also, they look at you. They determine how much amnoitic fluid you have, and make sure you're not at risk for it to start dropping late in pregnancy and cause toxemia. And they look at your cervix to make sure it looks normal and make sure you're not at risk to go into labor too early.

Ultrasounds are really a good thing, and don't hurt the baby at all. I've had so many problems with this pregnancy that I've already had 5 ultrasounds! No joke.

AM said...

Ok- you've already said you're getting one, but Hey! I have advice! Im ready to share!

Get it. While I cant speak of the reasons not to get it, they do check the size (make sure you are on track and the baby isnt getting smaller or too big) and the organs and brain and heart etc. It's good for planning. If you find out something may be wrong, you can prepare yourself (if possible) in time for the birth. KNowledge is power.

What kind of crap insurance do you have? I thought/was told it is pretty standard for health insurances to cover 2 ultrasounds because they are *necessary*. Double check.