Tuesday, August 7, 2007

2069.11 miles safety zone

For ONCE, I have found reason to be happy that my sister is living over two thousand miles away from me. She'll have a hard time kicking my butt from such a distance!

On Sunday night, I promised her that I would take a belly photo of myself and email it to her. . . . and I haven't done it yet. Now that my derby league's first home bout is over (WE WON!!!) and one of my shouldn't-be-my-problem tasks at work has been delegated to someone else (HOORAY!) I really don't have a great excuse for my tardiness.

Now that I think (type?) if it, if she were within butt-kicking distance, she's be able to see my belly and this wouldn't be an issue.

Regardless, I'm being a slacker - but a slacker who is finally done painting the nursery walls and is slowing moving baby items into the nursery in a feeble attempt to bring the rest of the house back to "normal".

At the risk of being a huge liar, I'll post some belly and nursery pics (including the blakine from MadameDebarge) later this week.

* * *
Tomorrow, I am going to the ______ State Fair with my parents, where I plan on eating the worlds finest pork burger sandwich, corn on the cob, a chocolate milkshake, a portion of elephant ear, and other fantastic carnie food. I also aspire to take at least a dozen decent photos and not pass out from the heat, but I'm mostly focused on fooooooood these days.


cardiogirl said...

So glad you're doing okay. I need to bookmark you because I keep forgetting to check up on you. Does your page link from Diaryland if I add you as a favorite or did you kick D-land to the curb?

I was wondering if you were in the middle phase yet where you are big enough to know you are pregnant but not too big to enjoy the short reprieve of renewed energy. Enjoy food now because at the end your stomach will be smashed up into your lungs and three bites of a sandwich will feel like too much.

But it will be all worth it in the end :) Don't you love that when people are basically saying "having a baby will change your life in a terrible way. But it's all worth it" wink, wink.

I always did. I never liked being pregnant, but I always liked the outcome.


Alie said...

I appreciate the appology for the not having a belly photo yet. I am psyched because I will for once have a nicer waist line than you! But alas, I won't get to gloat. It'll be no fun shopwing people a picture of your PREGNANT belly and saying "tee hee hee now I have the nicer waist!" (Just on a side note we're both trim individuals, SHE got to nice waist and I got the leggggs!)

Extraordinarily jealous that you are going to the ____ State Fair! I remember going to the ___ Fair and seeing pregnant ladies waddeling around chewing on ears of corn and elephant ears and getting a bit more consideration because of their bellies. I though that was pretty cool! I'm sure you'll do it like a pro! Eat an extra pork burger for me and grab as many useless magnets as you can. Have a great time!

For the Love... said...

Yummy-I loved hitting the fair when I was preg. But only the first and second trimester-I was so huge in my 3rd I could ONLY eat 6-10 small meals a day-Bwhaaa haa haa

nikki said...

Fairs are all about elephant ears. Enjoy one for me too please. I am happy to hear things are going well for you!

Catazon said...

Congrats on the win! Did it make you jealous and yearning to hit someone?

Never heard of elephant ears down her in Texas...

Madame D said...

Elephant ears! Oh my god I love those. So, so much.