Thursday, August 23, 2007

* Achoo! *

whiny-ass post

Under "normal" circumstances, I am not a person prone to colds. I recently threw away cold medication because it expired over a year ago - and only four doses had been taken. And I highly suspect that two of those four doses were taken by ailing friends.

Yesterday, I was somewhat relieved to be told by my midwife that I'm "allowed" to take Sudafed products and use medicated chest rub (aka Vick's Vapo-Rub). Until then I had been battling my cold symptoms by attempting to create a storm system within my bedroom: AC pumped up to 75 degrees (yes that IS cold, you weirdos!), small fan blowing directly at my face (otherwise I feel like I'm suffocating), and a humidifier chugging away on the opposite side of the bed. The irony is that it is SUPER humid in the Mid-West this time of year, but my need for cold air "dries out" my house to 65% humidity (again, yes, that IS dry).

Helooooooo, my blog name is JungleBetti; my home is full of pets and houseplants, and I thrive in warm-ish temperatures with high-ish humidity levels.

Anywho, being "allowed" to take medication while pregnant and feeling confident about taking medication while pregnant are two entirely different entities. I stressed the hell out over smearing myself with generic Vaop-Rub (what the hell does Camphor do to a fetus?!) and ultimately taking some Sudafed. I was in tears last night as I swallowed that fateful pill, but it was that or be awake ALL night - I simply don't know how to fall asleep while breathing through my mouth, and coughing spasms would have woken me up even if I could figure it out.

So now I have something *new* to add to my list of things to feel guilty about.

I'll share an abbreviated version of my "not a good mom" list:

  • Had a Killian's-fueled St.Patrick's day before figuring out I was pregnant.
  • Took an "Aleve" before roller-derby practice before figuring out I was pregnant.
  • Forgetting to take all my pre-natal vitamins on a fairly regular basis.
  • Chronically eating Blueberry Toaster Tarts instead of blueberries and yogurt.
  • Ingesting god-knows-whatever chemicals make up Sudafed and Vapo-Rub.

    In non-pouty news, the kid is still squirming away, and that makes me feel a bit better.

    nikki said...

    It's by far no worse than anything Britney ever did! Junglebaby will be a-okay!

    Alie said...

    Love Niki's comment! Yes you are doing great and the baby is doing great too. If you are not happy then the baby won't feel too happy either. There is soooo much worse you could do! Everyone has been waaaaayyyy impressed with you! I think you are already a super-mom in the making! *Big Hugs*

    AM said...

    Im the same way about medications. My old doctor just said "Dont take anything!" My new doctor gave me a list of things that are ok. Whatever. But if you have to, you have to! I had to use my inhaler when I was pregnant with Emma. I had to. So, oh well.

    BTW- if you are having a hard time digesting your prenatals (and I rarely took/take them) but doc suggested taking 2 flinstones a day and something called Expecta.

    cardiogirl said...

    Ugh, I feel your pain. It is the worst to be pregnant and sick with a cold. I worried like you did and was so glad to "have my body back" after the baby was born.

    But of course breast feeding is like "pregnancy-lite" in terms of what you can and cannot take (medicine-wise) so I didn't feel completely free until I stopped nursing.

    Just a long-winded way of saying, Good luck!

    For the Love... said...

    I took sudafed and nasal spray-no problem. Also had kidney stones at 6 months and was given pain meds...developed blisters (cold sores-WTH?)in my ears and had to take another kind of pain medicine. Had all of this or some variation of these issues with all 3. Gave birth to 3 healthy babies-all who are now in the gifted program (I think it was the pain meds)

    Go easy on yourself-it will all be fine.

    Madame D said...

    I got really really stoned like a week after conception-and a week before knowing I was pregnant. He's fine. Though, I should totally blame anything he does in the future on that.
    "He killed 12 people? Damn it, I KNEW the drugs would catch up with him sooner or later!"