Tuesday, June 19, 2007

19 weeks

Not understanding the true sucky qualities of early pregnancy, I formulated a plan 13 weeks ago:

1) I honestly thought I'd have the kid's room cleaned out, repainted, and ready to fill with baby schtuff by the time I was half through my pregnancy.

2) I would have money saved up by now to pay all my hospital (birthing) bills so I'd have one less thing to be concerned about while recovering from the birthing process.


Instead, the computer room remains a computer room, although much of the contents have been dispersed all over the rest of the house in a random manner. The bookshelves I planned on building by now haven't even been drafted up - I do know I'm using knotty pine with a linseed oil finish, that counts for something, except that mental plans don't hold physical stuff. Although I've hauled a few carloads of crap out of the house, it seems that the house is more cluttered than ever.

Peh. Money? It seems that soon as we tightened the 'ol budget belt we had more repairs than usual to make and new expenses began cropping up, drastically slowing the saving process. My most recent bitch is needing to spend $$$ on the crawlspace of my house, apparently they built 'em dumb in '78. Good news is that we don't have a mold problem yet, bad news is that the situation won't fix itself. If we knew for a fact that we were going to move away from this house in the next 5 years (not likely) and would definately find starry-eyed-newbie-dumbass-first-time-homebuyers (like we were) to purchase our house, we could let the situation fester. I guess it is important to focus on the positive; at least when we DO sell the house someday, we can say "crawlspace renovated in 2008". Sexy selling point, eh?

I highly doubt that I'm going to accomplish my stated goals within the next seven days, so I'm recalibrating my goals instead. Any suggestions??


Alie said...

I think your goals are kinda big, but better to have them then none at all. Be patient with yourself. Also, remember that the baby won't care if it's room is painted or not, it will be happy to eat sleep and poop with two fantastic parents to oggle over it.

Jenny said...

Your last month of pregnancy you will go wild with nesting and be driven to do it all. And if you don't, who cares. Kids in the depression slept in drawers. Just clean out a drawer and you're set.

nikki said...

I didn't get anything done until the last 2 months of my pregnancy. Then you will be far enough along you can bat your eyelashes at friends and family and have a "Getting ready for baby" party. Plus, now would be the time to garage sale and find some gently used baby items and save oodles of $$$$.

For the Love... said...

You will be fine!

A few days before baby #3 I was on bedrest and realized I had done NOTHING! We did not have a single diaper, bottle, etc...Chasing a 4yo and a 3yo had me kinda distracted..Sent Husband to store, had him put the crib back together and it was all good.

Seriously-I really can't believe I let that happen, but it did all work out.

AM said...

I think I started working on the nursery around 30 weeks. Somewhere around 25 weeks is when I started to really "nest".

Tony said...

I'm with Jenny. Empty a sock drawer and you're golden.

Also (and more helpfully), if you're dead set on meeting some of these goals, write out the steps it'll take to achieve them* -- not just the end product. For example, painting ze beh-beh room. Lots has to happen before paint hits the walls -- that part will go very quickly! All the prep work, like taping, kind of has to happen incrementally anyway. Just be sure to take lots of before and after pics so the whelp will appreciate you and his/her humble beginnings all the more.

*and then give this list to the Hubster and/or Darren. Problem solved!

Amanda said...

You are gonna wanna do all this in the last month. Guarenteed, it's that nesting thing everyone talks about. Don't be hard on yourself...I didn't start getting stuff done till last month either. Actually about 2 weeks ago really. And I'm almost 28 weeks!