Thursday, June 14, 2007

"Average" never sounded so fantastic

A normal fetal heart rate usually is between 120 and 160 beats per minute, the average rate is 140 beats per minute.

At 18 weeks gestation, I don't know much about my baby, but I DO know that (at least this afternoon) the kid has an average heart rate. I'm surprised at my reaction: I'm PROUD - as if the kid is accomplishing something by not having a fast or slow heartrate.

Perhaps I'm well on my way to developing a snobby "my baby is supreme" attitude, or more likely, I'm very relieved to know that things seem to be going well in uterus-land.

In other news,
When I asked my midwife how busy she was in the middle of November, a flash of panic crossed her face. So I got more direct "What's the likelyhood that you'll be there when I give birth?" From her answer, I got the impression that she will be there, but she may be running between many rooms at the hospital. Eeeep!

I nearly spiraled into pout-mode to think I might be sharing my midwife and won't get all her attention, but instead I came to a solid decision that I'm going to hire a doula to take care of me during birth.

A qualified person will:
help me feel safe
boss me around if neccessary
not mind if I scream at her
be great at massage
have a sense of humor
and not mind if I accidently puke on her


nikki said...

Good for you! You need to do what will be best for you. And Yay Normal heartbeat! Oh and don't worry, most parents think their kid rocks the world more than anyone else's kid.

reevesfarm said...

Cool, my daughter had 160 and both boys were on the 130-140 side. The midwife said that heart rate was sometimes a way to determine sex, high=girl lower=boy. Wouldn't go out and buy a bunch of blue stuff but it is still interesting.


cardiogirl said...

Yaeh!! I had the same thought reevesfarm had: high heart rate = girl, low rate = boy. However, my middle girl (I have three girls) had a slow heart rate all throughout around 130 bpm. And, she didn't move much. True to form, she's a mellow child who doesn't move a whole lot at 4 years old. She has a great temperment.

We found out after she was born that there was a knot in her umbilical cord. I'm not telling you this to scare you, just saying I see my middle child as my miracle baby.

Jenny said...

No matter what it's going to be fine but having a doula there? That sounds like a wonderfully reassuring thing.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but you forgot the part where you shit and piss on your doula. : )