Friday, June 22, 2007


How's this for a sentence I never thought I'd type?

Yoga completely kicked my ass yesterday.

I made a point not to over-exert or over-stretch myself, but I became overheated and lightheaded to the point that I sat like a lump on my mat and watched other (bigger) pregnant ladies assume various poses. PeacefulMama usually only teaches on Saturdays, so I was being taught by SilverMama, a middle-aged woman so calm and nurturing she could surely talk the craziest cat out of the tallest tree -or- assist a laboring mother through a drug-free birth.

True to my spazzy form, the first time I took a yoga class from SilverMama I did a klunky job and referred to sciatic pain as "that pain in my ass" and followed up that impressive display of tact by not being able to stop myself from grabbing the foot of the woman in front of me. We were balancing with one knee on the ground, the other leg stretched out straight behind with either both hands on the mat or one hand (opposite of stretched leg) reaching out. Her foot was right there! My hand was right there! I (accurately) judged that the gal wouldn't mind; she chirped at me in a friendly sarcastic voice "I'm trying to concentrate on yoga" and I panted back "I'm helping you concentrate!"

SilverMama seemed less than thrilled with my clowning around but continued to be patient with me. I was relieved when she actually seemed happy to see me return to her class yesterday.

But back to whining.

Although my midsection doesn't look very big, I feel immobilized by it; I can only guess that my ligaments have lots of stretching to do still. The best I can describe, it is like being Thanksgiving-afternoon level stuffed full of food, but add a horribly hollow hungry feeling with a dash of heartburn AND random stabby pains most likely to be triggered by *daring to* twist one's torso or sneeze without lifting up one or both of your knees first.

I know that stretching will help in the long run, but in the short term, I think I'd be more comfortable couch-surfing with my pets.

When I returned home, I ate some leftover pasta, had a bowl of cereal for dessert then flopped in my recliner for a while in the hopes I could avoid slamming myself with heartburn by going to bed at the rock-n-roll hour of 8pm. Taking into account several bathroom breaks, a few snack breaks, and gathering my thunderstorm-paralyzed cat to hide under the covers with me, I didn't get out of bed until 8:15 this morning - and I STILL think a nap would be fantastic.

Over 20 weeks to go folks - I don't think I'm going to become more graceful (physically, mentally -or- socially) any time soon. This is gonna get interesting.


nikki said...

Dude, a nap always sounds good!

Good for you for doing yoga. I wish I would have.

cardiogirl said...

Hey, you're almost half way there!

Agreed, a nap is always a good idea.

I never did do yoga, but I would bet the breathing techniques will be helpful with childbirth. Have you thought about "what kind of birth" you would like to have. I think you said you're using a midwife, does that mean you will not have an epidural? Just curious.

I remember seeing "A Baby Story" once on TLC where this chick signed some kind of birthing plan that said she did NOT want drugs at all. She walks in (happy) at the start of labor and hands over the birthing plan.

Then a couple of hours later she's groaning and screaming and literally begging for drugs and the nurse whips out the signed birthing plan and tells her, sorry honey, you said you didn't want drugs. That's just the pain speaking, you'll thank me later.

I would have strangled that nurse.

My point is, go with the flow and don't sign any kind of birthing plan. Leave your options open.

Jenny said...

Sweetie, when I was pregnant I passed out just getting my hair cut. If you get lightheaded in yoga don't let it get to you. Just sit down and

Catazon said...

The only place I was comfortable during my pregnancy was in a swimming pool. I could have never done yoga with all that extra weight, but the pool made it all melt away. Do whatever makes you feel good!