Wednesday, June 13, 2007

aren't I professional?

Yeah . . . so I just got off the phone with my sister (as I sit in my cubicle at work, 'cause I'm a SINNER like that) first laughing like a goon as a told her about a ridiculous dream I had (involving her as a child) and then irritably using a variation of the "F" word to express my displeasure that I'm going to spend (less than?) 2.5 days with her during my entire pregnancy.

I followed up that classy recommendation-letter-builder by taking a call from my husband, who like the sweetheart he is, likes to offer me analysis and peptalks when I'm discouraged - except that I was not in the mood to hear it, and had to repeatedly chant the phrase "I'm done talking about this, I'm done talking about this" with an increasingly irritated and increasingly loud voice.

Normally I'm moderately good about keeping personal calls short and professional, but I reeeeeeeeeeally blew it today. Mysteriously, no one has asked me to assist them with anything, and I suspect that no one will for quite some time.


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Amanda said...

I can pretty much relate to you about the being away from your sister thing. I live far away from home and all my family (military life) and well it sucks. I wish my Mom could share my pregnancy. It sucks.